Bespoke Clothing

At Aziari European Clothing for Men in Miami, FL your unique and individual style is our priority, and that’s why we offer a vast selection of premium Italian fabrics for you to choose from when designing a new garment to add to your wardrobe.

Our friendly and helpful associates will guide you through an interactive multi-step process in order to assist you in building the perfect fitting garment that complements your style during your visit.

In today’s fashion market, garments are too often designed – only to be mass produced in limited sizes and sold in bulk to traditional retailers for mass consumption.

Aziari European Clothing invites you to experience the difference offered by bespoke and custom tailored clothing including a custom fit and style that is uniquely yours.












In this stage we identify the type of look you’re seeking to achieve. This includes identifying the purpose behind the purchase.

Some of the questions you may ask yourself include:

Is this garment for a special event or for everyday purposes?

You can decide between casual, business, and formal. We are also able to accommodate you for important events including tuxedos for weddings or black tie events.

What is my fabric preference?

You have the option of choosing between 100% wool, silk and wool, linen, cotton, seersucker, velvet, among others.

What types of patterns appeal to me the most?

You have the option to choose between window pane, pinstripe, bird eyes, houndstooth, prince of wells, pin dot, among others.

Once we get a clear idea of the type of look you’re interested in, we can then narrow down your choices between several catalogs of Italian mills from which we will then offer recommendations and you are able to make your final selections.


Once we have selected a fabric and style preferences that best suits your requirements, we will then begin the process of taking measurements. This ensures your garment upon delivery is fitted just right for you.

Suits, Tuxedos, and Sport Coats:

  • Shoulder Width
  • Chest Width
  • Waistline Width
  • Thigh Width
  • Arm Length
  • Torso Length


  • Waistline Circumference
  • Seat
  • Rise
  • Trouser Length


From the beginning, we are careful to take very precise measurements in order to ensure a proper fit for your garment. That being said, in order to ensure the perfect fit, we will schedule your first fitting with you once your order is due to arrive. At that time, we will make any necessary alterations and send to our on-site tailor shop for adjustment.


Should a first fitting require alterations, we will schedule a second fitting with you. At that time, we will provide the garment with the tailor’s adjustments to you for a second fitting in order to ensure the perfect fit according to your requested specifications.



The final step is the delivery of a finished product that has conformed according to your style selections and specifications. You can be confident in your choice of garment which is uniquely yours and unlike any other ever made. We hope that you will be pleased with your experience and look forward to the opportunity to serve you for years to come.

World Class Brands You’ll Love

Saint Gregory Tailor

Saint Gregory’s goal is to bring Neapolitan tailoring tradition all over the world and let know its peculiarities through the skillful art of their tailors, craftsmen who managed to keep themselves unchanged over time, without being corrupted by the advent of machines and factories.

The Neapolitan tailor, who is gifted with great taste and sensitivity, takes care of every single step of a tailor-made piece of garment’s making process and he does that collecting his wealth of knowledge and experience, bringing it in the workshop and pouring it on the working table. His aesthetic taste, his manual skills, his attention to changing tastes and fashions, are all attitudes that converge in one single goal: to offer the best experience to the customer.

Saint Gregory is a continuous search of the excellence, through the return to the old traditions. For this reason, they decide to stay away from the concept of mass production, being among the very few that still make the real hand made.